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Feedback From My Clients

“Giva, it is impossible to put into words the impact your portrait of Sami and Aurora has had on my heart and spirit. You not only rendered them perfectly in shape, size and color, but what continues to take my breath away is how your captured their spirits, each in their uniqueness. Sami is fully intent, ready to release his fun-loving playful energy…just waiting to hear “the” word.
Aurora is serene and princess-like; pure white with pink in all the right places. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me and with everyone who sees your painting and who knew Sami and Aurora. They are amazed and delighted to really “see” them again.
I believe your gift will bring joy to countless “parents” of these amazing spirits given to us to love and become better human beings.
Thank you with all my heart.”
Mara Goebel
“Hi, Giva!! I want to let you know that I truly whole-heartedly ADORE and ADMIRE your piece of heart-felt art that you made for Mara!!! You REALLY captured their personalities and hearts, and it’s something she will have, always!!! She brought it in and shared this with all of us here (in her office) and many people were marveling at the beautiful piece of art this is! I marvel at the gift, you gave your very special friend at such a monumental time.”
Mary Ann Hix


“Giva did a lovely job of capturing my cat’s personality: a little bratty,
but mostly very sweet!
 love the painting!”




“Giva, thank you so much for painting my sweet girl, Macy.  I adopted her from a Cocker Spaniel rescue agency, and she was old and ill when I got her.  But with lots and lots of TLC and good veterinary care, she blossomed and lived a full, happy and healthy life for the next three years.  She and I had a deep and special bond, and it makes my heart sing to look at the portrait you painted of her.  You captured the essence of her precious soul, and I am very grateful.  She now lives on not just in my heart, but on my wall!”
“I also love your painting of one of my favorite creatures on Earth – the turtle. The turtle is often thought to be the wisest of souls among the animal kingdom.Your painting reminds me daily of its symbolism of  Order, Creation, Patience, Strength, Stability, Longevity, Innocence, Endurance, and Protection. Thank you for this gift.”

Rev. Dr. Michele Whittington
Creative Living Fellowship
Phoenix, AZ

 We received Eddy’s portrait last week.  It is lovely and beautiful.  My daughter loves it.

Thank you so much.  It is a joy to see your light coming through your paintings.

Peace and blessings,

 Regina D. Truxell
Director, Financial Planning
Temple University Health System

Joe approved! Meow

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