I ventured into a new realm of my art work!

These paintings are "Healing Angel Portraits" that will assist you in manifesting your highest intentions.

When I create a healing angel portait I first tune into your soul essence

Then I will paint the energy that I feel is needed for your intention to manifest. Some of the paintings may look more abstract than others, but each one of them will contain a unique energy just for you! 

What I need from you is a short statement that talks about your intentions. What are you struggeling with? What are you looking for? What do you want to achieve in the future? 

I also ask you for the colors that most speak to you at this time in your life.


Please email me @ soulessencepaintings@gmail.com


"Giva manages to take the energy of the angels and capture it in her ethereal paintings. When I unwrapped mine and looked at it for the first time, healing heat and energy filled the room so strongly I burst into tears of recognition. These paintings offer the viewer an energetic doorway into the heavenly realms."
Ann Albers - Author, Angel Communicator, Spiritual Instructor, & Modern Mystic 





Pricing and Order: 

Introductory Special valid until Dec 31st, 2018

18” X 24” CANVAS   $265.00


16” X 20” CANVAS   $205.00


       9” X 12”  CANVAS   $175.00   NOW $135


 8” X 10” CANVAS   $ 105  NOW $65  best deal


   5″ X 7″ CANVAS    $ 35.00


other sizes available upon request

soulessence painting
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