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  I started painting custom pet portraits, when one of my dear friends lost her pets in a fire. To ease the pain a bit for her, I decided to paint her pets on canvas. It was an amazing and healing experience for me, because I could feel their Spirits through the whole time I was painting. In fact, Sami, the dog, appeared very easily on canvas, just like his character was, easy go lucky! Aurora, the cat, was much more involved….lol…My friend called her “the princess”, and that’s exactly what I experienced when I was painting her. I know, that sounds somewhat strange, but eventually, I realized that I had to surrender my paintbrush to her Spirit, and” let her guide me”, to get the results of her portrait just right! It is so hard to loose a pet! They are family members!! My paintings will create a lasting memory of your beloved pet. You will always be able to see the twinkle in their eyes through my painting. When they were alive, they spoke to you through their eyes. My portraits capture what your pet used to say. Your pet will still live through my amazing painted portraits.  My secret to success is to being able to really capture your pet’s expression and the essence of it’s Being.  

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