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It is amazing and beautiful, how a different species can consider us family and express unconditional love and care for us. Custom pet portraits are a great way to  capture their Spirit and create a forever lasting memory.
I know, how much you love your pets!! I have pets too, and they are true family members! Pets are always there! They give comfort, greet you, when you get home, love on you, make you laugh.....etc, etc.
A few years ago, I discovered that I really have a passion for painting portraits of animals, and I decided to offer my gift to the world! I love capturing each animals uniqueness in an original customized painting, and honor them that way!

There are so many opportunities to paint animals. I have created wild life portraits; --memory portraits for beloved pets, that have crossed the rainbow bridge; --baby animals as decorations for baby's rooms;  --or just captured a funny expression on a pet's face.....endless possibilities!!!

Let me help you create a unique gift for yourself or a friend with an amazingcritterptoducts.com pet portrait……I am an expert in acrylic painting, and as a portrait artists I have transformed various types of photos into paintings and created some beautiful masterpieces and life long memories.

On my pricing/order page you can see the special, pick a size and background color...and order a portrait of your beloved pet, or any kind of animal.
I always support animal charities and rescue groups with part of my proceeds!


Here is a great article about us! Click the "Two Crazy Cat Ladie's" image

Freed Spirit Animal Rescue is a not for profit ( in process) organization in AZ, that rescues and re-homes animals in need. Currently we are raising funds for a down payment of a piece of land. The land will be used to to build a shelter and keep the animals safe. I am happy to donate 10% of my proceeds to the fundraiser for the rest of 2021.

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